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Logan's Run

Arthur Ranson's Look-In art

Annual comic

David Lloyd's art from the annual



Originally a novel by American writer William F. Nolan, Logan's Run, a sci-fi classic about a couple fleeing from a computer-controlled society where people were condemned to death while still young in order to keep the population stable, was first made into a big budget movie starring Michael York and Jenny Agutter as Logan 5 and Jessica 6 in 1976 (which was adapted into comics form by Marvel Comics in America) and then adapted into a TV series the following year (which followed its own continuity, largely separate from the movie). There has also been a comics adaptation based on the original books, from American publisher Malibu Comics.

British comics versions[]

The 1977 TV series version of Logan's Run, starring Gregory Harrison as Logan and Heather Menzies as Jessica (with Donald Moffat as a new character, the android Rem) spawned a 1978 Logan's Run Annual published by Brown Watson. It featured a mix of features on the TV series, text stories, puzzles, and three complete comic strip stories with art by David Lloyd; 'Sunrise....Moonset' (in which Logan, Jessica and Rem encounter Samurai swordsmen), 'City of the Nighthawks' (in which the trio are trapped in a city of cannibals) and an opening three pager called 'Logan's Run/Logan's World' which basically provides a quick recap of Logan's background.

From April to September 1978, the television focused comic Look-In also published a weekly strip based on the series drawn by Arthur Ranson and written by Angus Allan, which lasted for a total of 26 two-page episodes. The Logan's Run comic strips from Look-In can be viewed here.