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Lion was a weekly title published by Fleetway from 23rd February 1952 to 18th May 1974, a total of 1,156 issues. Intended as a competitor for Eagle, it starred Captain Condor (who was clearly patterned on famous Eagle hero Dan Dare) backed up by various other comic strip and text stories including Robot Archie, The Sludge, Adam Eterno, Battler Britton, The Phantom Viking, Zip Nolan, Paddy Payne, Gadgetman and Gimmick-Kid, Jimmi from Jupiter, Sergeant's Four, Karl the Viking, The Spellbinder, Maroc the Mighty, Mowser, The Bartoc Brothers, Carson's Cubs, Doctor Mesmer's Revenge and the Spider.

By the 1960s it was one of Britain's most popular boys' comics and it effectively absorbed the Eagle in 1969 (incorporating Dan Dare reprints), as well as Thunder in 1971. However, Lion's popularity waned in the 1970s, and in 1974 it was cancelled and merged with Valiant.

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