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Len Miller and Son were a prolific comics publisher in Britain from the 1940s through to the 1960s, their titles covering a variety of genres from Western (such as the Rocky Lane series) to Science Fiction. Most of their material was reprinted from American publishers including King Features, Charlton Comics and Fawcett Publications, including characters such as Flash Gordon, Beetle Bailey, Popeye, the Phantom and Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family. They also published at least two issues of a Captain America reprint title in 1954, reprinting Timely Comics material, as well as Mystic and Spellbound, which featured Marvel Comics material. When, in 1954, DC Comics' legal action against Fawcett caused the Captain Marvel Adventures and Captain Marvel Jr reprints to dry up, Miller responded by hiring writer/artist Mick Anglo to create a modified version of the character, Marvelman, for the British Market. The series ran until 1963.