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Real name
Krool Heart
Base of operations
Various: spread across galaxies

Unusual features
Twisted, grotesque features
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Last appearance

2000 AD prog 500
2000 AD prog 2000


The Krool are the main antagonists in the 2000 AD strip Bad Company. They were a species of bloodthirsty torturous aliens that were under the absolute control of the Krool Heart, in whose image they were made. Following the Heart's orders, the Krool waged war against Earth, most noticeably on the planet Ararat, where they encountered the small rogue squadron known as Bad Company led by the mysterious Kano. One of Bad Company's members (or possibly its mascot) was Dogbrain, whose brain had been removed by the Krool and replaced with that of a dog.

After the destruction of Ararat the Krool began attacking the human ghetto planets across the galaxy, with the aim of exterminating the human race. At some point they captured the human Rackman and forced him to torture his fellow prisoners.

One line of thought has it that the Krool were only vicious and sadistic because the Krool Heart had grown ancient and corrupt, like one of those nasty people who get nastier with age, or like incredibly old vinegar that gets more and more sour. They seemed to improve a bit when Danny Franks became the Krool Heart and vowed that he would be a benevolent absolute dictator, and they all adopted Danny's distinctive hairstyle.

Ten years after Ararat had exploded, it emerged that the humans had been told that they'd gone to war against the Krool to avenge "naked Krool aggression, when they attacked the mining community of Min Town" and killed "more than eighty unarmed humans." However, the people of Min Town had actually been killed by 19th division — the very division that went on to become Bad Company. They were ordered to do this so that the humans would have an excuse to attack Ararat and "rape the planet of its precious minerals." In response to humanity's belligerence "the Krool metamorphosed from their normal placid state to vicious war mode to defend themselves." The survivors of 19th division, including Mad Tommy and Kano, were fêted as war heroes and heavily dosed with 'psyche-chem' to stop them remembering what they'd actually done.

Powers and abilities[]


Psychic abilities.


Bloodthirsty individuals with thousands of different ways to torture their foes.

Strength level




A wide assortment of torture devices.


Trucks, spaceships, aircraft, etc.


A full arsenal of blades and guns.


  • The Krool are a bit like Nazis (they like attacking ghettos and performing ghastly experiments on their prisoners, plus they are all puppets of a fascist dictator), but much, much more bizarre.
  • In the strip 'Simply', published in 2000 AD prog 601, Danny Franks became friends with a Krool who had been brain-damaged and was therefore nice. It didn't end well.
  • The Krool had a cameo in 2000 AD prog 2000 (published September 2016) drawn by Dave Gibbons. They were shown being attacked by Bad Company's Shrike, Wallbanger, Kano and Mad Tommy.


Krool scientists, notable for their large tusks, are named "Fang Faces."


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