Billy Bunter's Knockout
Knockout was published by Amalgamated Press from 4th March 1939 and lasted 1251 issues until 16th February 1963. It incorporated the Magnet on 25th May 1940 (becoming Knockout Comic & Magnet), incorporated Comic Cuts with issue 760 and was later renamed Billy Bunter's Knockout (10th June 1961). Billy Bunter was the lead feature for much of the title's run, with other features including Sexton Blake, Our Ernie, Deed-a-Day Danny, The Phantom Sheriff, Tough Tod and Happy Annie, Kit Carson, Johnny Winco, Thunderbolt Jaxon, Battler Britton and a variety of classic book adaptations including Gulliver's Travels and Westward Ho!. Artists who have worked for the title include Ian Kennedy.

Knockout was latterly published by Fleetway and was merged with Valiant in February 1963. It has no connection with the later Knockout published by IPC from 12th June 1971 to 23rd June 1973.

The Knockout Fun Book/Annual was published from 1941 to 1962.

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