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By Jim McCarthy

"America is collapsing under the weight of a thousand-channel, television-based pop culture. Arizona, Kentucky and Nebraska were the first states to declare unilateral independence; now others are threatening to leave the union. Presidents are elected by interactive television and assassinated by the extremist militia groups which control inner-city areas. The only real power lies in the hands of a ruthless military elite, who have engineered a series of low-level wars in Central America and Africa to test a new generation of computer-controlled weaponry. On a secret base in New Mexico, Army scientists have created ceramic Super-Chips and Neural Shunts which can bridge the gap between man and machines. Terrifying new technologies have been developed which will soon turn one man's life into a waking nightmare..."

Kid CyBorg was Kek-W's first self-penned strip for 2000 AD, published in progs 972 to 979 and drawn by Jim McCarthy and 'Mann'. Best dialogue: "Last night I watched them coat his skeleton with carbon-fibre composites developed in Pittsburgh... ceramic cold-chips from Sacramento. Dermal grafts grown in Denver. Now he really is an All-American boy."