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Kev Hopgood


Kev Hopgood is a British comics artist with a London accent who was born in 1961 and is not yet dead. According to his website, he "lives in Bromley with his wife, three children and two cats." His career began at 2000 AD and Marvel UK in the 1980s.

For 2000 AD Hopgood drew several episodes of Tharg's Future Shocks, Judge Dredd, Harlem Heroes and Dry Run, as well as all of futuristic pulp/noir strip Night Zero (with John Brosnan) and its three follow-ups, Beyond Zero, Lost in Zero and Below Zero. For Marvel UK he drew and wrote 'Dragon' (in The Mighty World of Marvel) before drawing Spider-Man and Zoids, Action Force and Knights of Pendragon. He has also drawn some stories for Doctor Who Magazine and produced 11 covers for 2000 AD, as well as a couple for The Punisher.

Nowadays Hopgood does illustrations for children's books and educational books, in addition to designing figurines of characters such as Jay Garrick.