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Judy was a weekly girls' comic published by D.C. Thomson from 16th January 1960 through to 1991, a sister title to Bunty and Mandy, amongst others. It incorporated Emma in 1979 and Tracy in 1985 before eventually being cancelled, along with Mandy, in 1991 only for the two titles to be relaunched and renumbered as the merged title Mandy and Judy. Strips included:

  • Bobby Dazzler
  • Bobtail the Beach Rescue
  • Boomerang, the Horse that Always Comes Back
  • Honourable SJ, The
  • Judy & Co.
  • Marina and the Monster
  • Patience in the Saddle
  • Petra the Party Maker
  • Rivals, The
  • Sally of Studio Seven
  • Sandra of the Secret Ballet
  • Supergirl (pictured)
  • Topsy and the Scientist's Secret

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