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Judge America Beeny

Judge America Beeny
Real name
Judge America Beeny
America Jara (mother, deceased); Bennett Beeny (father, deceased); Alvira and Tony Jara (grandparents, deceased)
Base of operations

Marital status
Academy of Law
Her father impregnated her dead mother
Place of birth
First appearance


Judge America Beeny is a supporting character in the Judge Dredd strip who first appeared in The Fading of the Light in the Judge Dredd Megazine 3.20 to 3.25, a sequel to the popular story America. She was conceived when her father, Bennett Beeny, impregnated the brain-dead body of her mother America Jara, a member of the pro-democracy terrorist group Total War who was shot dead by the Judges after Beeny betrayed her to them. After his daughter's conception Beeny had his brain transplanted into her mother's body and gave birth to her.

Despite her somewhat unusual origin America was a strong-willed, happy and intelligent child who was devoted to her 'daddy' even though he was a woman. She liked nothing better than running around playing with her rad-lizard, but her life took a darker turn when Total War kidnapped her in an attempt to blackmail her father into carrying out a suicide bombing. America was rescued by the Judges, and Beeny decided that the only place she would be safe from Total War was as cadet Judge at the Academy of Law. Soon after her induction she was told that her father, who had been terminally ill, had undergone voluntary euthanasia.

In her tenth year at the Academy, America Beeny got the chance to question Judge Dredd thoroughly about the events surrounding her mother's death, as he had been the Judge in charge of the group of Judges who killed her. She then, as part of her training, undertook an investigation — with Dredd as her partner — to discover the mastermind of the terrorist attack her father had been asked to carry out. In the course of this successful investigation the robo-valet Robert, whom she regarded as the last remaining member of her family, was killed. Dredd's response was to put his hand on America's shoulder and say, "We're your family now."

America graduated from the Academy of Law and became a skilled and self-confident Judge, who imposed what she considered to be just sentences. When she was told that there had been complaints that a sentence she had handed down was not severe enough, her response was to lighten it still further. She is regarded as the "protégé" of Dredd, and he trusts her enough to have requested her assistance on several cases (such as the clean-up of the gang-ridden Gramercy Heights block). She is also trusted by Chief Judge Hershey, who chose her to join the Council of Five.

Despite her loyalty to the law, America sees it as her mission to reform the Justice Department from within, making it less oppressive and therefore, ultimately, more effective.

Powers and abilities[]


Detection; armed and unarmed combat.

Strength level

Peak human female.



Accessory pouch containing three heatseeker shells; helmet containing internal visor display (including infra-red) and respirator; uniform made from plasti-steel reinforced material.


Lawmaster bike.


Lawgiver handgun which can fire six types of shell: heatseeker, rubber ricochet, incendiary, armour-piercing, high explosive and standard execution. Also daystick and bootknife.


The events of America's childhood and early adulthood are chronicled in America, volume one of Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection, which is published by Hachette Partworks Ltd.


America lets other Judges call her 'Ami'.


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