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Ken Reid's Jonah first appeared in The Beano #817 (15th March 1958) and continued for five years until #1090


(8th June 1963). The main character was a gormless sailor, who was feared and shunned wherever he went because he somehow managed to accidentally sink every ship he sailed on. Jonah is generally regarded as one of Reid's finest creations, and Reid himself declared it to be his favourite out of all the strips he drew for the Beano. After Jonah was dropped, Reid started drawing a new story about Jonah's schoolgirl sister, Jinx, although her run in the comic was curtailed when Reid left D.C. Thomson just a year later.

Nearly thirty years later, a strip called Son of Jonah appeared in the Beano, before Jonah himself was revived in the Dandy for a second, moderately successful run, this time by Keith Robson (Reid having passed on in the meantime). He has also appeared fairly regularly in Beano Comic libraries and a number of annuals. Ken Reid's Queen of the Seas, which appeared in Smash!, is often considered something of a spiritual successor to this strip.