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Marada the She-Wolf for Epic Comics

Superman batman ann interior art2

Hawkman and Hawkgirl, from the 1978 Superman/Batman Annual

John Bolton (born London, 23rd May 1951) is a comics artist and illustrator (and, indeed, writer, colourist and sometimes letterer) best known for his dense, painted style, which often verges on photorealism.

His early work included strips and illustrations in Look-In (notably on the Bionic Woman), Superman/Batman with Robin the Boy Wonder Annual, House of Hammer, Hulk Comic (on Hulk and Night Raven), A1, Deadline, Crisis, the three 1970s Planet of the Apes Annuals and one of the New Avengers Annuals published by Brown Watson, the Revolver Horror Special and Warrior (including Father Shandor and The Spiral Path). He also created cover art for Knights of Pendragon, Sweetmeats, Night Vision and The Collected Judge Anderson.

Since the early 1980s John Bolton has worked primarily in American comics, for companies including Marvel and its Epic Comics imprint (on characters including the X-Men), DC (on characters including Batman), DC's Vertigo imprint, Eclipse and Dark Horse. Now particularly well known for his cover art, he is especially fond of the horror genre, though he is equally at home with science fiction and fantasy.

New Avengers c77 Bolton

Purdey in action by Bolton in the New Avengers Annual 1978