Jim Edgar (1919-2001) was a former radio scriptwriter who got into comics writing in the 1950s on the advice of Peter O'Donnell. He began writing the Western strip Matt Marriott for the London Evening News in 1955, and continued to do so until 1977. He also wrote Wes Slade in The Sunday Express and possibly Gun Law in The Daily Express, as well as Rusty Flynn-Rodeo Roughrider in Tiger from December 1956 to April 1957. Away from Westerns, he contributed to several of Fleetway's War libraries from 1962-1965 and contributed to Eagle and Boy's World. He took over writing the Daily Mirror's SF strip Garth from O'Donnell in April 1966 and wrote it regularly until September 1985, after which he contributed scripts intermittently until 1992. He may also have written scripts for the Daily Mail's Carol Day strip and for Buck Ryan in the Mirror, though this remains unconfirmed.

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