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Jacko Tanner

Jacko Tanner
Real name
Jacko Tanner
Base of operations
Thames University, London, United Kingdom

Thames University
Normal human birth
Place of birth
United Kingdom
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Jacko Tanner was a student at Thames University in London, and Brian Braddock's nemesis until Brian became Captain Britain and found he had more important things to worry about. He became inadvertently involved in several of the Captain's early adventures.

Jacko wanted to go out with Courtney Ross, but she didn't seem that keen on him, possibly because he kept making snide remarks about Brian and generally being an obnoxious jerk. He also had a nasty possessive streak, at one point physically attacking Captain Britain because he was jealous of Courtney's regard for the hero. Then he seized the controls of Lord Hawk's deadly mechanical raptor, which was holding Captain Britain in its talons, and used it to take the helpless hero on a madcap career through the sky which ended when he crashed into a football stadium and was gravely injured. Chief Inspector Thomas was at the scene of the crash but inexplicably failed to arrest Jacko for assault.

Following these events, and his subsequent dressing-down by Lance Hunter, Jacko seemed to experience a slight softening of his character. He even offered his 'rival' Brian a lift to visit Courtney Ross in hospital when she'd been knocked down by a bus. Unfortunately, he then witnessed the Highwayman causing a car crash, foolishly tried to apprehend him, and was knocked unconscious when the Highwayman threw a 'stub bomb' at his car.

Jacko was next seen helping Brian and Courtney search for the Loch Ness Monster. Unbeknownst to Jacko and Courtney, the 'Monster' was actually a giant spaceship controlled by The Lurker from Loch Ness. Jacko played a small part in helping to defeat the Lurker when he used his deductive powers to work out that Mr McNab, a Scottish innkeeper, had sabotaged their bathysphere. Mr McNab had been in league with the Lurker all along. He dived into the loch in an attempt to avoid questioning and was killed when the Lurker's spaceship blew up. Jacko and Courtney watched Mr McNab drown and then calmly left for the nearest town, failing to notice the real Loch Ness Monster raising its head from the loch to watch them go.

Powers and abilities[]


Studying, presumably.

Strength level

He looks like he works out.


Referring to himself in the third person; having more testosterone than sense.





Jacko was effectively just Flash Thompson from Spider-Man's supporting cast with an English accent, part of an ultimately unsuccessful attempt by writer Chris Claremont to recreate a winning formula. He hasn't been seen in decades (Jacko, that is, not Chris Claremont).


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