Hoot was a weekly humour comic published by D.C. Thomson from 26th October 1985 to 25th October 1986, a total of 53 issues (though it billed itself as "Britain's bubbling new comic" throughout). It had a cover price of twenty pence, represented by a stylised drawing of a 20p coin. The last new humour title from D.C. Thomson to feature mostly new characters (though several characters from previous publications also appeared) it was eventually merged with The Dandy.

Featured strips

In addition, four frame mini-strips featuring established characters from other titles appeared in each issue, including Big Uggy, Julius Cheeser, Desert Island Dick, Foxy and King Gussie from the Topper; Dennis the Menace, Big Eggo, The Bash Street Kids, The Three Bears, Lord Snooty, Roger the Dodger and Biffo the Bear from the Beano; The Badd Lads and Colonel Blink from the Beezer; Bananaman and Jay R. Hood from Nutty; and Desperate Dan from the Dandy; as well as Tarzan Stripes and Flip 'n' Flop.

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