Chronos Carnival
Hilary Robinson is a British comics writer and toxophilite from Northern Ireland. She has written episodes of Tharg's Future Shocks and Tales from the Doghouse (a Strontium Dog spin-off) for 2000 AD and was the co-creator of Zippy Couriers (drawn by Graham Higgins), Medivac 318, Survivor (a spin-off from Mean Team drawn by Ron Smith) and Chronos Carnival (pictured).

When then editor Alan McKenzie told Robinson of his intention to transfer Medivac 318 to another author despite the fact that Robinson owned the copyright she got her lawyers involved. "For me it was a matter of principle and I had no choice, unless I was prepared to let 2000 AD hand my characters in Medivac and Zippy Couriers to someone else. I expected other writers to take advantage of the opening I had made and claim their own copyright, but I never heard if anyone did. I asked for and was given confirmation that I owned Medivac 318, Zippy Couriers and the Chronos Carnival. After that, I was never invited to submit a script again and those I did submit were refused. I had been warned that if I insisted on fighting for my copyright I'd never get work from then again, but I could afford to make a stand. I fully understand that other people couldn't." (Thrill-Power Overload by David Bishop).

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