Guntag Barghelt

Real name
Guntag Barghelt
Guntag Barghelm; Guntag Bargholm; Guntag Bargholt

First appearance

Marvelman #65 (1954)


Guntag Barghelt (or however his name is spelt this week; there've been numerous variations over the years) was an astrophysicist working on an island on the Mississippi river (Why? Who knows?) who, in a somewhat unlikely turn of events, discovered the "key harmonic of the universe", which would enable him to give "a young lad, studious, honest and with such integrity that he will use this power only against evil" the gift of "all the natural power that exists". Conning young Micky Moran into saving him from some street toughs, Guntag subjected the bewildered kid to his treatments and gave him the power to transform himself into Marvelman, the mightiest man in the universe, by saying the trigger word Kimota. Marvelman's first job was to deal with Barghelt's former colleague Herman Schwein, who was trying to steal the formula, a battle that ended with Schwein accidentally blowing himself up while stealing Guntag's boobytrapped experimental plane for his getaway. After Schwein's death, Guntag (who seemed rather resourceful for a mere astrophysicist) disappeared in a cloud of heavenly light to an "abode he had (somehow) prepared on an asteroid in outer space", though he did promise to return if Marvelman ever needed help. Later, he transformed messenger boy Dicky Dauntless into Young Marvelman for an encore.

Powers and abilities


Seemingly limitless.



Transformation machine (seemingly rendered useless after he empowered Micky Moran, though he was later able to do the same for Dicky Dauntless without using the machine).


  • According to Alan Moore's deconstructionist revival of Marvelman in the 1980s, Guntag never really existed but was a ficticious character created by Dr. Emil Gargunza as part of the fantasy world he kept the sedated Micky and Dicky trapped in. According to another account though, his name (or a version of it) was an alias used by the American Marvel Comics mystic character Dr. Druid.


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