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Dredd by Staples

Greg Staples, whom Dan Abnett has described as "unfeasibly talented," is a British comics artist who was born on May 27th 1970 and is not dead yet. His website is here. Staples has done lots of impressive work for 2000 AD, including Judge Dredd (pictured), Brigand Doom (with John Tomlinson), Tharg's Terror Tales (with Mark Millar), some totally gorgeous illustrations for Sláine (with Pat Mills), The Clown (with Igor Goldkind), Sinister Dexter (with Dan Abnett) and Tales of Telguuth (with Steve Moore).


  • Staples played Judge Dredd in the fan film Judge Minty.
  • In the background of a Judge Dredd episode drawn by Staples in prog 1000 appears the following advert: "GREG'S REAL SEX BREW 100% — GUARANTEED SATISFACTION! — THE ONE AND ONLY."