Girl was published by IPC Magazines from 14th February 1981, and lasted until at least 1988. Like some other IPC titles of the era (notably early issues of the revived Eagle) it contained a mix of ordinary comic strips and photo strips, with the photo strips dominating, at least initially. The strips were the usual girls' comic fare, often involving either mild romance plots or the standard crop of frustrated would-be gymnasts, tortured horse owners and school stories, though there were also a few stories with a supernatural edge, such as "The Haunting of Uncle Gideon" (though the ghost of Uncle Gideon's dead wife turned out to have a rather more down to Earth origin in the form of a crooked governess) and "Diary of a Ballerina", about a hopelessly untalented young ballet dancer who was periodically transported by an old music box to a Victorian room containing a mysterious diary; everything she wrote in it subsequently came true, so naturally she used it to advance her career, until things started to go horribly wrong...

The title also contained a letters page, a problem page, puzzles and occasional short features on items assumed to be of interest to its readers, as well as the obligatory back page pop pin-up. The long running strip Patty's World ended its run in Girl after working its way through several other titles.

  • IPC's Girl comic has no connection to the original Girl comic published by Hulton Press in the 1950s.
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