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George & Lynne, the liberated couple created by writer Conrad Frost, first appeared in The Sun in 1976 and their adventures continued to appear until 2010. The secret of their appeal? Possibly that they had the kind of married life every other couple in Britain wanted to have! For over thirty years (our time; aside from George ditching his seventies sideburns, the loving couple never aged or changed), George & Lynne live in comparative luxury in a well off riverside community, Lynne sunbathing nude and gossiping with her friends while George was (occasionally) at work or (more often) in the Ferryman's Inn, or the pair attending bikini parties or out on their expensive looking boat, the 'Pink Gin', at weekends. They have no apparent money worries, though this does not stop George moaning about Lynne's spending. They have an army of friends with mostly alliterative names, including amiable alcoholic Sammy and his long suffering wife Samantha. They have a huge house somewhere in Middlesex (according to Conrad Frost, who coincidentally had a similar one in the same area) and, as drawn by John M. Burns (1976-1982) and later Josep Gual, were effectively physically perfect. Well, except for those sideburns and the awful quiff on George...


They also famously had a very relaxed attitude to sex and nudity, and George compiled a nude calendar of Lynne every year, which hung in their kitchen. Lynne was the perfect wife to George's model husband, a fact reinforced by their flawed friends, drunken Sammy and philandering Dick Ffynch, husband of the long suffering Judy. And George, who seemingly had a high powered excutive job (though we never found out what he actually did), always had time for Lynne, and Lynne alone (not surprisingly, as his only apparent living relatives were the tiresome Aunt Dora and brother Arnold, a dentist who lived in America, while all his friends seemed deeply boring).

In 2001 however, the 'loving couple' celebrated their 25th anniversary with their one and only continuing story-in which George had an affair with a woman he met in an internet chatroom. Over the next five months, Frost wove a web of deceit, betrayal and eventually murder around the embattled Mr and Mrs Newman (George and Lynne's seldom used surname) which captivated readers, as George not only had a fling with a stranger in a hotal and a full on affair with pseudonymous internet tart 'Tryme', but also got mixed up with gangsters, was blackmailed and shot at, and almost lost Lynne, who slept with an old flame in order to get even. Eventually though, Tryme ended up dead and the Newman's were back on track, having realized how much they had going for them, so it was business as usual by the river from then on.

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