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The G'ejeekajee, known to humans as "Geeks", are an alien race who seem to be part insect and part reptile, and who breed thousands of young at a time, all engineered somehow to fulfil specific roles in their society. They come from a galaxy "called NGC 598, between the two Magellanic clouds," hundreds of light years away. An aggressive, militaristic race, they waged war on Earth and its growing empire in the 26th century and were opposed by human forces including the V.C.s.

During the course of this war the Geeks destroyed Phobos Harbour (the biggest star-trooper base in the system) and the Martian colonies, including New Peking City on Olympus Mons. Their missile attack on the Earth conurbation of Transatlantic City resulted in twenty million casualties, including star-trooper Steve Smith's family. They also attacked the Jovian colony on Ganymede (causing two million casualties), the Saturnian colony on Iapetus and the Uranian colony on Titania.

The Geeks were eventually defeated by the actions of Smith and his sergeant Jupe and sued for peace with the humans. The war broke out again decades later thanks to a Geek faction (a bunch of militants and racists not supported by the Geek homeworld) being manipulated by the alien alliance known as the Polity. Hostilities ceased for a second time when the reformed V.C.s, who included a Geek called Keege, discovered the truth.

Powers and abilities


Flying spaceships; waging war; being sneaky.

Strength level

Probably superhuman.


Geeks use some sort of sonar to perceive the world, and go all weak and weedy when it's jammed by a conflicting signal.





Poison claws.


The first series of The V.C.s was marred by the fact that that the Geeks were basically thinly-disguised alien caricatures of the Japanese. Sure, they were called 'Geeks' rather than 'gooks', their battle cry was 'Geekai!' rather than 'Banzai!' and their surprise attack was mounted on Phobos Harbour rather than Pearl Harbour, but it was still fairly obvious. The first war was ended with a devastating assault on a Geek stronghold that was so terrifying that the remaining Geeks immediately sued for peace, making Steve Smith's destruction of the Geek high command the future-war version of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


  • The Geeks once made a brief, unexpected appearance in Mega-City One thanks to malfunctioning dimension warp technology in the Garth Ennis story 'Helter Skelter'.
  • The Geeks had a cameo in 2000 AD prog 2000 (published September 2016) which was drawn by Dave Gibbons. They were shown fighting the V.C.s on Pluto.


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