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Gabriella Gonzalez
Real name
Gabriella Gonzalez
Current alias
Nurse Gonzalez
Companion to the Doctor
Miguel Gonzalez (father); Maria Gonzalez (mother); Blanca Gonzalez (sister); Juan (grandfather, deceased); Fernanda (grandmother)

Marital status
Student; hunt saboteur
Night school
Normal human birth
Place of birth
Brooklyn, New York


Gabby Gonzalez is the youngest daughter of Mexican immigrants to the United States. She was working in her father's laundromat (and, indeed, in her father's restaurant, and studying accountancy) when she became caught up in an alien incursion, met the Time Lord known as the Doctor, and elected to travel with him and see the universe. At the time, she had no idea what she was letting herself in for.

The Doctor initially promised Gabby just one trip in the TARDIS, but changed his mind after they visited a talented artist and Gabby briefly gained the ability to practise block transfer computation. Gabby used this ability to save herself and the Doctor from manifestations of the artist's subconscious insecurity. This made the Doctor realise (a) that Gabby had a unique artistic sensibility and way of looking at the universe, and (b) that listening to one's subconscious can be a good thing, and his was telling him that he wanted to have Gabby around.

Unfortunately, the next place the TARDIS landed was the Somme during World War One — a Somme infested with Weeping Angels. The Doctor became very guilty and angry with himself for having broken his 'one trip' rule and inadvertently brought Gabby to this horrible era, and told her that by travelling with him she risked losing all the things that made her special. (He may have been remembering what happened to Donna Noble, who got amnesia and lost all her character development, or how Martha Jones ended up spending a year in a fascist dystopia after he relented and gave her more than one trip.) Following this conversation, Gabby started drawing again for the first time since arriving in France, using the Weeping Angels as life models.

As a relief from the horrors of the war, Gabby asked to visit her family in Brooklyn after the Angels had been temporarily vanquished. The Gonzalez family were surprised by Gabby's joy at seeing them again, because from their point of view she'd only been gone for minutes. When she tried to help her dad in his restaurant he told her (with presumably unintended irony) that she didn't have time to wait on tables because she was going to be an artist. The Doctor, letting his guilt complex get the better of him, tried to sneak off and leave Gabby in New York because he thought it was his fault that she'd ended up in the Somme. However, he was forced to return when Brooklyn became the site of a floaty sonic sky-whale hunt that he and Gabby sabotaged.

Powers and abilities[]


(Occasionally) Block transfer computation.


Talented artist; always wins staring competitions with her little brother; can drive a scooter.

Strength level

Reasonably fit young human female.


Finds it difficult to go against her parents' wishes and therefore fears that she will die of boredom before her time after a life of tedious drudgery.



Compact mirror; carbonadium box containing a musical portrait of herself made by the Shan'tee of Wupatki.


The TARDIS; scooter.


Once hit the Doctor with a baseball bat because she thought that he was a dangerous alien. Which, to be fair, he is.


Gabby keeps a cartoon diary of her adventures with the Doctor and her thoughts thereupon. Pages of it appear in her story, drawn and coloured by Arianna Florean.


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