issue #1 cover by Dave Gibbons

Fury was a weekly comic published by Marvel UK from March 16th 1977 to August 31st 1977, running for a total of 25 issues in all. It featured 1960s reprints of American Marvel material starring Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos and others such as Captain Savage and his Leatherneck Raiders in World War II adventures, with new covers by artists Dave Gibbons (issue #1) and Carlos Ezquerra (all the rest).

A deliberate decision was made to emulate the look of British war comics such as Warlord, Victor and Battle Picture Weekly with a cheap newsprint cover (instead of the glossy covers then used on other Marvel UK weeklies) and the aforementioned original covers, the hope being that Fury would gain some of the readership of those comics. Unfortunately, afficionados of the gritty tales being told in Warlord and its ilk did not warm to Stan Lee's rather sanitised sixties stories, and the title lasted less than six months before being cancelled and merged with Mighty World of Marvel. A couple of years later, Marvel UK tried a slightly more successful variation on the theme with Forces in Combat, which also featured Sgt. Fury.

  • For individual issues of this title, see Fury Vol 1.