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Freefall Warriors

Freefall Warriors
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Freefall Warriors

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The Freefall Warriors are a team of four space pilots who were once mercenaries brought together in a war zone but later gave up fighting to become professional racers. They were created by Steve Parkhouse and Dave Gibbons in Doctor Who Monthly #56-57 as supporting characters in a Doctor Who story along with the alien author Ivan Asimoff, but they later graduated to a solo tale in the 1982 Doctor Who Summer Special before having their origins revealed in a backup strip in Captain Britain (2nd series) #1-4 (drawn by Jerry Paris). The four members are Big Cat (a feline humanoid from the planet Altaira who was once the leader of a trio called the Hellcats), Machine Head (a cyborg combat veteran with an apparent death wish), Cool Breeze (an android soldier who turned on his creators, Intra-Venus, Inc., when he developed a conscience) and Bruce (a shark faced crature created by the Surgeon Sculptors of Rubicon, who used to be a space pirate). Their arch enemy is a flier named Shaman Kahn.

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