2000 AD Annual

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Time Killers

Fleetway was the name given to the former Amalgamated Press Ltd. in 1959. Fleetway later absorbed Odhams Press and in 1963 became a part of IPC (The International Publishing Corporation), though the Fleetway name was still used on comics. In 1987 Fleetway, which was allocated ownership of most of IPC's comics properties created after 1st January 1970, was sold to Pergamon Holdings, but in 1991 it was sold again, to Egmont, owners of London Editions Magazines, with which Fleetway was merged to form Fleetway Editions. Fleetway Editions was eventually absorbed into the main Egmont line before January 2000. The 2000 AD line, also originally published by Fleetway, was sold to games company Rebellion in 2000.

For a fuller explanation of Fleetway's complex history, and a list of Fleetway publications, see IPC. Also possibly of interest: Albion.