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2000 AD prog 832 cover

"Your people have exploited us for years. You murder our animals and defile our sacred groves. You bring disease amongst our kind, and hundreds die... We asked for none of these things. We wanted only to be left in peace., as we had since the days of Moem-sule. We welcomed you. We treated you with respect and dignity, and you treated us the same. You seemed different from other humans. But then this thing happens."

Firekind was a story by John Smith and Paul Marshall published in 2000 AD progs 828 to 840. (Episode seven was accidentally omitted from prog 834 and had to be printed after the story had finished.) It concerns a man named Hendrick Larsen, the guest of a tribe of peaceful aliens1 known as the Mastemah on a tree-covered planet called Gennyo-Leil. (He is pictured wearing what he calls a "filter:mask" because the atmosphere of the planet is toxic to humans.) His only wish is to live in harmony with his hosts and to study the native flora, but his fellow humans have far more sinister plans: "People came down here — my people, my race — and slaughtered everyone. Butchered them like cattle. A whole community wiped out in minutes." Fortunately, the aliens have dragons.

The series was born when Alan McKenzie asked Smith to write a story about dragons because 2000 AD was a bit light on fantasy at the time. Smith realised that famous dragon chronicler Anne McCaffrey had "pretty much got the whole dragon thing sewn up," and so decided to go down the 'hard sci-fi' route instead (post-colonialism with spaceships).

1'Aliens' used as shorthand for 'non-humans'. Obviously, on Gennyo-Leil, it's Larsen who's the alien.