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Eric Bradbury's art from prog 500

Eric Bradbury's art on the cover of prog 500

Eric Bradbury was a British comics artist who was born in 1921 (in Kent) and died in 2001 (in Essex), aged 80. He received a rigorous and comprehensive art education at Beckenham School of Art, which is now sadly no more, and during World War Two he joined the RAF to become a rear gunner on bombers.

When the animation studio Bradbury worked for after the war folded he turned to comics, drawing humour and adventure strips for Amalgamated Press's Knockout. Work for Valiant (on strips including Mytek the Mighty and The House of Dolmann), Buster (on strips including The Leopard from Lime Street), Jet (on Von Hoffman's Invasion) and Smash! (on Cursitor Doom) followed, and he also drew the one never published issue of IPC's abortive Captain Britain title (unconnected to the later Marvel UK character) in 1973. In 1976 Valiant became part of Battle Picture Weekly, for whom Bradbury drew a number of strips including The Fists of Jimmy Chang and Joe Two Beans, as well as Hook Jaw for Action.

From 1977 to 1993 Bradbury laboured under Tharg the Mighty at 2000 AD, working on series such as Tharg's Future Shocks, Tharg's Time Twisters (he drew the first), Invasion!, Mean Arena and Rogue Trooper, and also drew Doomlord and My Pet Alien for the revived Eagle and The Dracula File for Scream! His gritty, realistic style was invaluable in bringing these worlds to life.