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Mrs. Peel

Emma Peel
Real name
Emma Knight
Current alias
Mrs. Peel
Peter Peel (husband)

Marital status
First appearance

TV Comic #720


Emma Peel (born Emma Knight) became a secret agent in order to give meaning to her life after her husband Peter, a pilot, went missing and was presumed to have died when his plane went down over the Amazon rainforest. She worked, possibly unofficially, for an unspecified branch of an equally unspecified British intelligence service, usually partnered with the enigmatic John Steed, with whom she also seemed to have a close (though never clearly defined) personal relationship, the duo being unofficially known as The Avengers. Emma, a multitalented woman who was a master of unarmed combat and an excellent markswoman, eventually left Steed and her life of adventure after Peter turned up alive after all. She was replaced as Steed's partner by Tara King.

Powers and abilities[]


Has mastered various forms of unarmed combat, including Karate and Judo.


Emma was the most popular of Steed's various female co-stars in The Avengers TV series, and has featured in many of the various comic strip versions of the series published over the years in both Britain and the USA; in the USA, due to Marvel Comics owning the copyright to the Avengers name, these comics have usually been titled Steed & Mrs Peel. She also appeared in Century: 2009, an installment of Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series (as did her Avengers predecessor, Cathy Gale, and successors Tara King and Purdey). Emma also starred in a solo series in the girls' comic June.


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