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Dragons claws

Cover of the first issue


2008 collected edition

Dragon's Claws was a sci-fi title created by Simon Furman and Geoff Senior and published by Marvel UK in 1988 to 1989. It was about a group of former extreme sports players turned law enforcement agents called Dragon's Claws, led by a bloke called Dragon and consisting of the vigilante named Mercy Connaught, the samurai called Steel (Shonin Ikeda), the cyborg Digit (Gan Ayerson) and the mysterious Scavenger. Set in the year 8162 AD, the series followed the fortunes of the Claws (who had originally made their living in The Game, a sport reminiscent of 2000 AD's Mean Arena) as they took on a variety of foes including the Evil Dead, the Wildcats and the mechanoid bounty hunter Death's Head (soon to be a Marvel UK star in his own right). The series lasted only ten issues. It was collected as a trade paperback by Panini in 2008.

The Claws also appeared in Death's Head issue #2, drawn by Bryan Hitch, the only time they were not drawn by Geoff Senior.


Intended as the prototype for a range of American format titles, the book was originally solicited as Dragon's Teeth, but this was changed at a late stage due to an independent title having already claimed that name. The proposed name was probably a reference to the Greek myth about a man who sowed dragon's teeth (having been instructed to do so by the goddess Athena) and watched them germinate into adult male soldiers who sprang up fully-armed from the soil.