Dracula Lives was a weekly comic launched by Marvel UK on 26th October 1974. It featured reprints from the American Marvel title 'Tomb of Dracula', with backup strips featuring Werewolf by Night and, later, others including Ghost Rider and the Man-Thing. From issue #60, the title was changed to 'Dracula Lives featuring the Legion of Monsters'. The title was cancelled following issue #87 (16th June 1976) and merged with Planet of the Apes, though the Dracula Lives logo later reappeared for a time on the masthead of Mighty World of Marvel Vol 1 when the Dracula strip was briefly revived there. A Dracula Lives Special Edition also featuring Marvel reprints was published by World Distributors in 1976, and Marvel UK published a Dracula Summer Special in 1982. Dracula and his co-stars the Werewolf, Man-Thing and Ghost Rider would later all feature in the Chiller Pocket Book in the early eighties.


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