From around 1967 to around 1970, cover-stripped unsold copies of imported American comics returned to distributors Thorpe & Porter by newsagents for disposal were frequently repackaged as these oddities. Each unnumbered issue of Double Double Comics consisted of four 32-page comics bound together under a new cover (which frequently had little to do with the actual contents). Confusingly, the contents of each issue could actually vary even in individual copies, depending on how many unsolds of each issue they had left; the fact that one specific copy of Adventure Double Double Comics included three issues of Adventure Comics and one of Superboy, for instance, did not guarantee that another copy would contain all of the exact same issues! The majority of the comics used were DC Comics titles, but there would occasionally be a random Marvel Comics book such as Amazing Spider-Man bound in with them, and at least one copy of Double Double exists which only had three comics in it, not four. As a result, while these books are of interest to collectors, it's pretty much impossible to catalogue them. Titles seen included Action Double Double Comics, Adventure Double Double Comics, Justice League of America Double Double Comics, Batman Double Double Comics, Detective Double Double Comics, Strange Adventures Double Double Comics, Superman Double Double Comics, Superboy Double Double Comics, World's Finest Double Double Comics, Lois Lane Double Double Comics and Jimmy Olsen Double Double Comics. In the 1970s, Marvel UK tried exactly the same stunt with several editions of The Marvel Collection.


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