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Real name
Servitors Zyn and Vek
Current alias
(Servitor Vek) Eric Plumrose
Servant of Nox
(Servitor Vek) Enok (son)
Base of operations

First appearance

New Eagle #1 (1982)


Both the identical individuals known on Earth as Doomlord were servants of the mysterious Dread Council of Nox, sent to Earth to judge humanity's fitness to survive and establish whether or not mankind posed a threat to the rest of the Galaxy. The first Doomlord, Servitor Zyn, infiltrated human society and judged it wanting, pronouncing a death sentence on mankind and attempting to unleash a bacteriological agent which would destroy all human life, but was ultimately destroyed himself by the self sacrifice of reporter Howard Harvey, who had been tracking him for months but had not been able to convince anyone else of the alien's existence. Harvey stabbed Doomlord while the alien was in human form, who promptly passed his life force into Harvey's body; however, before the alien could establish control, Harvey deliberately exposed himself to the deadly germ agent and died, taking Zyn with him.

Servitor Vek was a novice servitor dispatched to Earth months later to find out what had happened to Zyn. Learning of Zyn's fate, Vek nonetheless came to the conclusion that humanity had potential, and was able to get the Dread Council to grant him a year in which to manipulate mankind's development for the better. Like his predecessor though, Vek still believed that society was more important than individuals, and had no hesitation in committing murder for the greater good. He adopted the human identity of commercial traveler Eric Plumrose (killing the real Plumrose) and established a base at Mrs Souster's Bed & Breakfast in Bradford, keeping Mrs Souster and her two sons permanently hypnotized so that he could relax at home in his true form without them noticing he was an alien.

Though Vek earned humanity a reprieve from destruction, the Dread Council later ordered him to carry out the death sentence when his reforms (such as nuclear disarmament) proved temporary, mankind's aggressive instincts coming to the fore once more. Vek disobeyed and revealed his existence (though not his double identity as Plumrose) to the world, becoming a celebrity. Ultimately, Vek was betrayed by the British government, who succeeded in killing him, but Vek transferred his life force to a human scientist and returned to life, vowing to destroy humanity. He changed his mind when a servitor named Zom arrived to carry out his delayed mission, and to kill Vek himself for disobeying orders. Killing Zom, Doomlord once more became humanity's protector. He successfully defended Earth from the Dread council and various other threats until the death sentence on humanity was lifted, though Doomlord himself was exiled permanently to Earth. He eventually came to be regarded as something of a superhero, and even worked with the British government again, through Sir Douglas Reeve. He also fought and defeated a resurrected Servitor Zyn.

Seeking family companionship, Vek created a 'son' for himself, the human/Noxian hybrid Enok, but Enok's human genetic inheritance caused him to become evil, eventually murdering Vek. Sir Douglas Reeve gave his own life to restore Doomlord, injecting himself with Vek's blood, which caused Vek's personality to take possession of his body (if this was actually a resurrected Vek or a copy with his memories is unclear) and Doomlord stranded Enok on an asteroid. Later, though, Vek was 'purged' of the human like emotions he had developed, and once again attempted to destroy humanity. He also returned Enok to Earth, though Enok had now inherited his father's former affection for humans. Enok attempted to protect Earth from Vek, but Vek murdered his son. Mrs Souster's sons Pete and Mike, though, who had become aware of the truth about Doomlord, voluntarily consumed Enok's blood, and Pete became Enok, trapping his 'father' in an intangible state. Pete continued to protect Earth as Doomlord until he was killed in action, but his brother Mike had in the meantime also become Enok, albeit an Enok with Vampiric tendencies. When last seen, 'Enok' was still deciding whether to save humanity or destroy it.

Powers and abilities[]


Doomlord can assume the form of any other being, killing them and absorbing their memories in the process. If killed, he can pass his mind into the body of another person and reshape it to resemble his own. He also has various other powers, including a disintegration beam, derived from his ring.


Although Doomlord cannot be harmed in his natural form, he becomes vulnerable when in human form – and can thus be injured or killed.



Doomlord's ring has a teleportation facility.


Doomlord's ring can disintegrate living matter.


The first three Doomlord stories were photo strips; many later stories were drawn by Eric Bradbury.


While living on Earth, Servitor Vek became a devotee of long running soap opera Coronation Street. His strangely cozy relationship with landlady Mrs. Souster may have been the basis for the similarly odd relationship between Judge Death and his landlady Mrs Gunderson in 2000 AD a few years later. Howard Harvey was played by Doctor Who and Star Wars actor Mike Mungarvan.


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