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Appearing in "The Fractures (part one)"[]

Featured character:

Supporting character:


  • Darryl Hackett, a horrible, horrible estate agent

Other characters:

  • Melanie, Darryl Hackett's PA
  • Dave, Darryl Hackett's ex-employee ("if you don't hit your targets in my office, you become my target")
  • Lisa Foster
  • Molly Foster


  • Coal Hill, East London, 2014


  • £2 coin
  • £20 notes
  • Extra-dimensional specs


  • Flashy sports car with the numberplate WYN 1RR
  • The TARDIS

Synopsis for "The Fractures (part one)"[]

The death of Paul Foster, a U.N.I.T scientist, is just the beginning of an extra-dimensional incursion.


Released in April 2015 by Titan Comics, with a variant cover by Blair Shedd.


  • For some reason, the £2 coin is the wrong colour. It's silver, but it should be gold with a silver centre.
  • The Doctor's 3D specs were first seen in the television series during David Tennant's era.

Recommended reading[]

The next issue, so you find out how the story continues.

Links and references[]

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