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Appearing in "Terrorformer (part two)"[]

Featured characters:

Supporting characters:


  • Rann-Korr, a Hyperion (big fiery alien demi-god)
  • Kano Dollar, a ruthless businessman

Other characters:

  • Eric, a robot
  • Doctor Scrofolus, an alien scientist
  • Spector, a professor
  • Alice Xanadu, an alien newsreader (named spelled differently in previous issue)
  • Thanna, warrior-princess of the Gothgolka horde
  • Thannagrrr, emperor of the Gothgolka horde


  • Isen VI, a terraformed planet
  • Neptune, an unterraformed planet


  • Sonic screwdriver
  • Clara's ski-pole


Synopsis for "Terrorformer (part two)"[]

The Doctor has a bit of trouble with an alien fire god; Kano Dollar has a bit of trouble with some insubordinate monkeys; the evil alien luring beneath the surface of Neptune isn't causing any trouble... yet.


Published by Titan Comics in December 2014.


Rassilon, Lord President of Gallifrey, makes a one-panel appearance as part of a flashback.

Recommended reading[]

Read Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #1 to find out what's going on.

Links and references[]

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