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Appearing in "Terrorformer (part one)"[]

Featured characters:

Supporting characters:


  • Rann-Korr, a Hyperion (big fiery alien demi-god)
  • Kano Dollar, a ruthless businessman

Other characters:

  • Zaxx, an egotistical terraformer
  • Clive, a robot
  • Eric, another robot
  • Clarence, a third robot
  • Alice Xanada, an alien newsreader (named spelled differently in next issue)
  • Spector, a professor
  • Doctor Scrofolus, an alien scientist


  • Isen VI, a terraformed planet


  • Sonic screwdriver


Synopsis for "Terrorformer (part one)"[]

The Doctor and Clara go on a skiing trip, only to find that the world they've picked has been turned into a tropical paradise by an egotistical billionaire. And as if being dressed for sub-zero temperatures in the middle of a sweltering jungle wasn't bad enough, something alien and hostile has taken control of the terraforming process...



  • Published with several variant covers.
  • Variant cover by Mariano Laclaustra (pictured) bears no relation to the story within but is nevertheless well-executed and amusing.

Recommended reading[]

Read Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #2 to find out what happens next.

Links and references[]

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