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Appearing in "Conversion (part 1)"[]

Featured characters:

Supporting characters:


Other characters:

  • ARC
  • Roman soldiers
  • The Emperor Constantine


  • Berlin, 1976 AD
  • Space
  • Northern Rome, 312 AD


  • Bespoke Entity-detecting device


Synopsis for "Conversion (part 1)"[]

The Doctor and Jones are searching for the Entity. Their search leads to them speeding along the top of the Berlin wall, on a motorbike, in 1976. Just as they are about to be shot by guards in a helicopter they go through a wormhole (the Entity has learnt how to travel in time and space because it has spent time in the TARDIS engines) and end up in space, next to a giant comet. ARC and Alice use the TARDIS to rescue the Doctor and Jones. The Doctor explains that the giant comet is, in fact, the Entity, and it is about to smash into Earth and kill everyone there. Down on Earth, the a young man gives his life to save the Roman Emperor Constantine, shows him the Christian cross he is carrying, looks at the bright light in the sky, and dies. This has a profound effect on Constantine. ARC uses the TARDIS to talk to the Entity and alter its trajectory. This means that when it crashes into the Earth it causes a big explosion but doesn't actually kill anything. The explosion has a similar effect on Constantine. Two Roman soldiers guarding a road are startled by an army of Entity-controlled Cybermen.


Released by Titan Comics in June 2015, with several variant covers. One was by Simon Fraser.


John Jones asks a random strategy card for advice. It says, "You are an octogenarian Victorian spinster named Marjorie with long-held yearnings towards the stage."

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