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Diana was a weekly girls' comic published by D.C. Thomson from 23rd February 1963 to 4th December 1976, a total of 720 issues. It incorporated Romeo from 21st September 1974. Something of a departure from the standard formula of girls' comics at the time, Diana included feature pages as well as comic strips, and was printed on higher quality paper than was standard, with many pages in full colour. It also aimed to capture a wider age range than some of its sister titles, and the strip content was frequently slightly edgier, including supernatural themed strips of a type which would later feature heavily in Thomson's Spellbound and rival Fleetway's Misty but which were not common at the time Diana was launched.


The Avengers

Strips included Suzette of the Silver Sword (drawn by Jesús Redondo); Mary Brown's Schooldays; Jo and Co; Paula with the White Mask; Topspin Terry; The Sea Stars; Jane: Model Miss; The Girl from N.O.O.D.L.E.S and, notably, a strip version of the popular TV show The Avengers starring John Steed and Emma Peel, a somewhat odd home for such a series. Diana was eventually cancelled and merged with Jackie.