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By Dean Ormston


Dean Ormston is a British comics artist who has also worked for DC, Vertigo, WildStorm and Image. For the Judge Dredd Megazine he has co-created Harke & Burr (pictured right); drawn Judge Dredd; and drawn one of the Tales from the Black Museum. For 2000 AD he has drawn more Judge Dredd, one of Steve Moore's Tales of Telguuth and three episodes of Missionary Man. In 1993 he drew a story for the British publishing company Atomeka Press. He also contributed several covers to The Phantom from Wolf Publishing in 1992-1993.

Reader Floyd Kermode wrote to Tharg to say that "In any period of history where paintings rather than unmade beds were trendy, Dean Ormston would be celebrated by one and all, and would be too rich and famous to draw comics" (2000 AD prog 1194).

Ormston has collaborated with Mike Carey on Lucifer, with Si Spencer and Steve Yeowell on Books of Magick, and with Neil Gaiman on The Kindly Ones, the penultimate Sandman volume.