By Simon Jacob

Dead Meat is a strip by Michael Cook and Simon Jacob printed in 2000 AD progs 742 to 748 (series one) and progs 812 to 820 (series two). In the 2040s, meat-eating is illegal in Europe. Inspector Larry Raam (a genetically-engineered human/sheep hybrid strong enough to destroy an aeroplane by head-butting it) and Vera Brett are members of P.U.L.S.E. Patrol, the Police Undercover Livestock Special Enforcement Patrol, tasked with arresting anybody who sells or consumes meat. Their duties include pumping the stomachs of people who have returned from extra-European holidays, just in case they've been eating meat while abroad. Raam's love of casual violence, coupled with dialogue such as "He's aasking for a ten-stretch aat leaast, taalking like thaat!" (Raam tends to elongate his As) meant that the whole thing honestly came across at times as the 2000 AD equivalent of an 'Elseworlds' story: "What if Judge Dredd were a sheep?"
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