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Created by Kevin O'Neill and Dave Angus, Dash Decent ran in 2000 AD from prog 178 to prog 198 (excluding prog 180), in 1980 to 1981. It was a spoof of the classic SF character 'Flash Gordon' who was then popular again due to a big budget movie. Dash himself was depicted as an inept superhero, assisted by mad scientist Doc Zellamy and bored taxi driver Dale Ardent. Together, they attempted to thwart the plans of the evil Pong the Perilous, ruler of the planet Pongo, and his various henchmen including King Tucky of the Pullet Men.

The strip was quite bizarre, with characters frequently getting into situations they could not possibly have survived (at one point, Dash spends several installments as an animated skeleton after losing his skin to a school of piranhas). It also occasionally guest starred Dash's predecessor Captain Klep.