Dark Angel

Real name
Shevaun Haldane
Current alias
Dark Angel
Ranulph Haldane (father, deceased)
Base of operations

First appearance


Shevaun Haldane was the daughter of Ranulph Haldane, a member of the Mys-Tech Corporation's board of Directors. Following her father's murder at the hands of the demon Mephisto (which Shevaun witnessed) she learned of the evil acts he and his colleagues had committed and swore to destroy Mys-Tech. Shevaun was then approached by a being calling itself the Darkangel which bonded a fragment of the fabric of the universe itself to her body, becoming her 'costume', utterly inseparable from her and granting her incredible powers and knowledge which she used to battle evil as Hell's Angel (though she later changed her name to Dark Angel).

Over the following months she repeatedly clashed with Mys-Tech and formed alliances with other superheroes including Psylocke and her comrades in the X-Men. She also investigated the spirit realms, encountering what seemed to be the shades of dead superbeings including Nighthawk, Nuke and Vakume. Along the way, she began to suspect that Darkangel had lied to her to further a hidden agenda.

Shevaun was one of several British-based superheroes who joined the Dark Guard, and was part of the group (which also included Death's Head II and Albion) which finally defeated Mys-Tech during the Mystech-Wars, preventing them from destroying the Earth. She continues to live in her father's home, Darkmoor Castle, and to protect Britain from mystical and technological threats. She has also since become an operative of the Government's superhuman taskforce, MI13.

Powers and abilities


Energy manipulation and projection; flight.


Various, mostly undocumented.


Dark Angel was a regular feature in the anthology Overkill as well as in her own series (three issues of which were inked by David Hine). She has since returned in the American Marvel series Revolutionary War.


  • Everybody, including you, is part of "the fabric of the universe."
  • The symbol on Dark Angel's chest resembles an ankh, the Ancient Egyptian symbol of life.


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