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Danielle was a science fiction/fantasy series by Richard O'Neill and John M. Burns which followed the adventures of a willowy blonde heroine who opposed an oppressive regime on the planet Janus, run by her own mother. Danielle had been banished for the crime of loving a man, something strictly forbidden in this matriarchal dictatorship where men were kept as subservient sex slaves, but she returned to free her beloved Zabal from the state brothel he had been placed in (whether he wanted to be rescued or not, presumably).

Escaping into time and space with Zabal using the mystic pendant of power (don't ask), Danielle embarked on an odyssey which included a trip to a futuristic Britain where the situation was the opposite of the one on Janus, and she was obliged to free the drugged and servile female population from their masters (unfortunately, Zabal rather ungratefully went over to the other side for awhile, which slightly tarnished their relationship) and then an unplanned visit to a space prison where our harried heroine was the only female!

Separated from Zabal by space-time eddies, Danielle arrived on a desolate planet where she became caught up in an alien genetics program, and then landed up in Edinburgh in 1660, where she found herself menaced by Puritan witch finders. Finally, she found her way to Hollywood in 1930, where she became a reluctant movie star before being unexpectedly reunited with Zabal, who had been stranded there decades earlier. The strip launched in The Evening News on September 17th 1973, and ran until September 14th 1974, briefly returning (for a total of 54 days!) in 1978.