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Several Dan Dare annuals have been published intermittently over the years:

  • The first two, subtitled Dan Dare's Spacebook and Dan Dare's Space Annual, were published by original Eagle publishers Hulton Press and Longacre in 1953 and 1963 respectively, and featured new adventures of the original Dan Dare.
  • Fleetway published their first Dan Dare annual, featuring re-edited reprints from Eagle, in 1974.
  • Two further Fleetway annuals dated 1979 and 1980 (published in '78 and '79, respectively) were effectively spin-offs from 2000 AD and featured the updated version of Dan from that title, as well as (for some reason) strips featuring Judge Dredd (who would later be awarded his own long-running Judge Dredd Annual).
  • The 1987 annual was a spin-off from the revived Eagle and featured the new Dan Dare, great-great-grandson of the original (plus a reprint of The Exterminator, a strip from the 1982 Starlord Annual).
  • The 1991 annual had a retro feel, and featured the new Eagle's version of the original Dare, plus features on the characters from the original series and on artist Keith Watson.