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Dalek Zeg

The Daleks, also known as The Dalek Chronicles, ran in the pages of City Magazines' TV Century 21 from issue #1 (23rd January 1965) to issue #104. Created by Richard Jennings and supposedly by the Daleks' original TV writer Terry Nation (who created the creatures for Doctor Who, though informed sources suggest that much of the writing of the chronicles was actually by the programme's script editor, David Whitaker) and drawn for much of its run by Ron Turner, it told the story of how the scientist Yarvelling created the machines which would house the Dalek mutants in the wake of a nuclear war on their home planet of Skaro, and went on to detail their gradual development, the rise to power of the golden Emperor Dalek, and their battles with other lifeforms. The origin story is notable in that it is completely at odds with the one later presented by Nation in his television script Genesis of the Daleks in 1975. An enduring character from the strip was the further mutated, almost indestructible rebel Dalek Zeg, who attempted to overthrow the Emperor!

Marvel UK reprinted the Dalek Chronicles in their entirety in the Dalek Chronicles Special, a Doctor Who Special released in July 1994. It was also reprinted in serialised form in Marvel's Doctor Who Magazine and several episodes were earlier reprinted in The Amazing World of Doctor Who and the Dalek Annual Vol 1 2, both from World Distributors. It was reprinted again in The Daleks from Panini in 2020.