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Cor!! Annual Vol 1 5

Cor!! was a humour comic published by Fleetway from 6th June 1970 to 15th June 1974 (although Cor!! Annuals continued to be published from 1972 to 1976). The first issue (which came with a free fruit juice sachet; issue two came with free Super Anglo Bubble Gum) featured cover star Gus Gorilla by Alf Saporito, Ivor Lott and Tony Broke by Reg Parlett and Tomboy by Brian Lewis. Other features throughout the title's history included Robby Hood by Ron TurnerThe Goodies and Kid Chameleon by Joe ColquhounWilly WorryWhacky; Tricky Dicky; Stowaway Steve; The Slimms; Aqua Lad; Jack Pott; Jelly Baby; Val's Vanishing Cream; Give a Dog a Bone; Hire A Horror; Nightmare; Andy's Ants; Fiends and Neighbours; Teacher's Pet; Jasper the Grasper; The Gasworks Gang; Big Bad Butch; Soldier Spoon; Benny Bendo and the superheroic Super Spook. Following the title's cancellation, a number of the strips reappeared in other titles, notably Tricky Dicky in Wow!, Willy Worry in Whoopee! and Jack Pott in Jackpot. Cor!! was itself incorporated into Buster after cancellation, and several of its strips became Buster regulars, including Chalky.

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