Commando, formerly Commando War Stories in Pictures, is a long-running war digest title published by D.C. Thomson Ltd of Dundee since July 1961. Notable for its pocket-sized 68 page format, with stories told in two panels per page, it is effectively the last of the traditional boys adventure comics and remains popular despite (or possibly because of) this. Each issue is a single self-contained story rendered in black and white (though in recent years, certain characters have recurred in several stories) and most of these stories still centre around World War II or, less frequently, World War I (though, again comparatively recently, other conflicts have begun to creep into the comics pages). Usually, eight issues are published each month, at a rate of four every two weeks, usually around half of these being new stories and the other half reprints of earlier issues. Several hardcover collections of past stories have been issued by Carlton Books since 2005, and there have also been several 'pocket-sized' collections, each featuring three stories (the hardcover books usually reprint 10-12 stories each) as well as two Annuals. The comic has been translated into several languages in the past for foreign editions in, amongst other countries, Finland and India, and Commando is also available in a digital format. Among the artists to have worked on the title is Ian Kennedy. More information can be found at the comic's website.
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