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Colony Earth was a short serial written and drawn by Jim Watson (the one who worked on Scream! and Battle, not the humour artist) which was originally published in 2000 AD progs 52 to 61 in 1978. The plot is a fairly simple one: a fishing boat crew discover a deactivated robot which, when reactivated, turns out to be totally hostile and, worse, to be the vanguard of an invasion by aliens who had previously occupied the planet during the last ice age, and who now intend to retake it by drastically changing its climate. Ultimately, the aliens are defeated when the humans, led by James Hunter, turn their own robot against them. Even for 1978, the strip appeared somewhat dated, leading to suspicions that it had actually been an inventory story created for an earlier title, but it was nonetheless reprinted years later in 2000 AD Extreme Edition #10.

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