Colin MacNeil is a British comics artist with a web page here. He has worked for DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, DC Thomson (on Starblazer) and Toxic!, and also drawn comics based on rôle-playing games. For the Judge Dredd Megazine he has drawn Judge Dredd, Shimura and Maelstrom (written by Robbie Morrison), Devlin Waugh (written by John Smith) and Insurrection (written by Dan Abnett). For 2000 AD he has drawn Judge Dredd (pictured), Tharg's 3rillers, Strontium Dog (written by Alan Grant), Chopper (written by John Wagner), The Corps (collaborating with Paul Marshall), Missionary Man and Satanus Unchained! (written by Gordon Rennie) and Vanguard (written by Robbie Morrison).

There's quite a nice interview with him MacNeil here, in which he stresses the importance of empathising with the character he's drawing.

Pictures by MacNeil

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