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Convention sketch by Chris Weston


Chris Weston is a British comics artist who was born in 1969 in Germany and has a website here. He also writes the occasional story. Weston has created covers for 2000 AD progs 925, 1383, 1650, 1760, 1771, 1776 and 1782. He has also created covers for the Judge Dredd Megazine (issues 215, 231 and 325), as well as giving it two Judge Dredd strips.

For 2000 AD Weston has drawn:

He has also worked for America's DC Comics, notably on the first issue of Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E, as well as Starman, The Invisibles, Swamp Thing, Superman, Batman, The Dreaming, Lucifer, JSA Secret Files, The Filth and part of Enemy Ace: War in Heaven, among other titles and characters. For Wildstorm, he drew The Authority. For America's Best Comics, he drew Tom Strong. For Marvel Comics, his credits include the Fantastic Four and the limited series The Twelve.