Chiller was one of the line of Pocket Books published by Marvel UK between March 1980 and July 1982. Like the others in the line (including Star Heroes, Young Romance, The Titans, Hulk, Marvel Classics Comics and Conan) it was a 52 page digest (counting the covers) and contained black & white reprints of American Marvel comics titles, the most regular features being Dracula (from 'Tomb of Dracula' by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan) and the Man-Thing (by Steve Gerber), although other characters did appear, including 'Satana the Devil's Daughter' (in issue #1) and The Ghost Rider (issues #2-6). Dracula appeared in almost every issue, though he was crowded out by the Man Thing on occasion, as in the double sized issue #9. Issue #20 was also double sized, at 100 pages. Chiller was probably one of the most popular of the Pocket Book line, but was nevertheless cancelled with issue #28 along with the rest of the digest books, and unlike stablemates Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four, Dracula and the Man-Thing did not continue in other reprint titles.