CB7 Cherubim
Real name
Resources Control Executive

Child soldiers
Exposed to reality warp
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The Cherubim were six of the children who were mutated by exposure to the reality warp created by Mad Jim Jaspers (and therefore known as 'Warpies'). Rounded up and brainwashed by the shadowy government agency the R.C.X. (Resources Control Executive), the kids were given the codenames Quill (a feral youth who was the nominal leader of the group), Fern (a girl who was basically just a human head on a sticky mass of mobile plant tendrils, and who was the actual team leader), the illusion-casting Lump, the reality-warping Giggles and the electrically powered conjoined twins AC/DC, and formed into a team.

Their numbers rounded out by the freakish psionic quintet known as the Cherub Whirlwind, they were sent out against Captain Britain (Brian Braddock), whom the RCX wished to press into service. The Cherub Whirlwind were killed by the Captain's metamorph companion Meggan and the remaining six fled, ending up in London where they were tricked into temporarily joining a gang of young Warpie thieves led by the nefarious Uncle Lex. After freeing themselves from Uncle Lex's control, they departed for regions unknown.

American appearances

Under unknown circumstances, the Cherubim returned to the service of the RCX and ended up being kept in suspended animation for some time by the Mastermind computer. Later, pressed into service by the Black Air agency, they clashed with Excalibur before being used by Mastermind as pawns when it attempted to conquer the extradimensional realm of Otherworld. They were cured of their affliction and made wholly human again by Captain Britain following his defeating Mastermind and taking control of Otherworld and its magics.

Powers and abilities


Giggles is capable of "manipulating light energy patterns"; Quill has "the unique advantage of a covering of silicon barbs and razor-sharp talons"; AC-DC can cause electrical shocks; Lump "can confront you with your most feared nightmares" and Fern is... very sticky.


Unarmed combat.


If you stick Fern to AC-DC, all three of them will be temporarily disabled. Quill can be out-punched by a stronger opponent. When confronted by their worst nightmare, Captain Britain and his allies just become extremely angry, giving them the energy required to finish off their enemies.



Some of them can fly.


Their powers.


The Cherubim began life as opponents of Captain Britain before being spun off into their own short series (written by Mike Collins) as a back-up feature in his book. They were later revived as minor supporting characters by Marvel US.


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